267 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010 NSW Australia
We ❤️ Darlo, the old and the new!

We ❤️ Darlo, the old and the new!

Dalinghurst’s rich history and vibrancy has never lost its cool. Set on the high (northern) side of the Darlinghurst ridge, the grand terrace, now named Medusa is in the heart of this celebrated Sydney beat.

Medusa was built as part of the posh push of architecture in the 1800’s. Until a recession struck… and then many of these beautiful large stately homes were reconfigured to became boarding houses and naughty places for sly grog, razor gangs and bordellos. In fact Darlinghurst was called Razorhurst for a while.

A turnaround in economy and society has made today’s Darlinghurst a safe, cosmopolitan and creative hub. Now home to renovated manors, beautiful terraces and glamorous apartments boasting contemporary architecture.

The lifestyle and historic elements of Darlinghurst will always satisfy the curious and the easily bored. A plethora of galleries, curiosity boutiques and beautiful parks by day, and by night the choices include not only culinary teasers and cute bars, but also theatre options that are original and unique, such as the Darlinghurst Theatre Company and events including Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The Covid rules have relaxed for expanded dining and cocktail bar experiences too, so stay with us at Medusa, (circa 1900), go forth and have fun!


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