267 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010 NSW Australia
Do your work at Medusa!

Do your work at Medusa!

Is the work environment at home driving you nuts? We can help in these tricky times. Bring your paper, pens and pencils to Medusa Hotel Sydney and work in peace, privacy and safety.
If you’ve been kicked out of your office, or if the kids are driving you crazy at home, fret no more. Our gorgeous rooms are well equipped for most business needs. The hotel is convenient and our team can coordinate deliveries. All rooms include wifi, kitchenettes, en-suites, security, air-con – and tables to throw your laptop on. And when no one is looking you can have a sneaky nap on our designer beds when you’ve had enough… And best rates ever with with up to 40% discount – and more if you don’t use the bed. Please enquire direct info@medusa.com.au



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