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economic dominance in the context of the destroyed infrastructures of Europe, nhl jerseys and Japan. was to enjoy a global monopoly in trade and technology. The lack of any viable competition in the steel, auto, electronics, cheap football jerseys and other key industries helped to create an affluent middle class buoyed by strong unions and high paying blue collar manufacturing jobs. In large part, this helped to create the illusion of a mythical America, a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity that would lead the world to a new promised land. This was a time of strong company/employee loyalty, football jerseys for cheap lifetime employment with a single company, and one income households that could afford new homes in suburbia, new american made cars, and college education's for their children.

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The "myth" that grew out of this time, and what our parents told us was true (and it was for many of them) was to work hard, get good grades, get a college education (preferably engineering, science, or medicine), best nfl jerseys from china get a good job and climb the corporate ladder with a stable company. In short, work hard, do the right things and achieve the American Dream. This was the lesson learned from our parents and reinforced in our public schools for a whole generation of "baby boomers" and beyond. It became the proverbial conventional wisdom. The Rise of Europe and Asia, Globalization, and the Decline of American Economic Dominance. Any corporation (small, medium, or large) always seeks the lowest cost of labor, material, and taxes, and the most lucrative markets for its goods and services. Its loyalty is not to its country of origin but to its shareholders.

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There is nothing evil or sinister about this, it is just way corporations are structured and the underlying framework for how management is rewarded. In a global economy, initially this lead to the off shoring of production. discount youth nfl jerseys So as the economies of the world began to recover and emerge after WWII, first we saw the loss of blue collar manufacturing jobs either to foreign competition or to off shoring. steel industry barely survives on tariffs, our textile industry is all but gone, and WalMart, the world's largest retailer gets 70% of its goods from China. Our dominance in the auto industry is a thing of the past. Chrysler is now a German company and GM and it's bankrupt parts spin off Delphi are on the ropes. nfl discount jerseys As a result, those high paying manufacturing jobs that created the worlds most affluent middle class are all but gone. You might argue that this was just part of a shift in our economy from manufacturing to high technology and that education, reschooling, and the digital age created a whole new class of highly skilled technology or "knowledge" workers.