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American Eagle and Abercrombie Fitch have their fall clothing lines out. This is good news for anyone doing some back to school shopping, nba jerseys whether it be for yourself or for your kids. Both brands claim to be but which one is for you? In one corner we have American Eagle. On their website, womens nike free run plus American Eagle has a list of Top Ten Must Haves for the season that is pretty accurate. The vintage cut jeans and the striped shirts are good essentials to have, as are the vintage pique polos. However, the definitive must have items are the eagle check shirt and the leather Oxfords. nike free womens running shoes The Oxford shoe has been around since the 17th century, so it is really one of those style staples that you need to own. Paired with the vintage cut jeans and the eagle check shirt, you really can go wrong.

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Speaking of shoes, American Eagle has some interesting ones. You either love or hate their boat chukkas (personally, I think they pretty cool). Most of their shoes come in leather or suede depending on your preference, including the Oxfords and the boat chukkas. nike free runs 5.0 women They are all in muted tones, so they can match most outfits. What is surprising is American Eagle dandy inspired accessories. A fedora, soft woven cotton scarves, and several bow ties are featured in their fall line. American Eagle seems to be pushing the preppy movement more than they usually are that not a bad thing.

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In the other corner, we have Abercrombie Fitch. The Abercrombie stores themselves are not very welcoming; employees, sometimes half naked, stand guard at the entrance of the darkly lit store. If their partial nudity wasn enough, there are pictures of half naked people everywhere. nike free 5.0 trainer womens It obvious that they are using the whole sells method these clothes and you will be like us. Mostly it just seems intimidating, and you feel like you should work out more.

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