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For a time, that was true and the "myth" held some of its truth. However, cheap authentic baseball jerseys in a "digital" global economy, as Thomas Freidman would say, "The world became flat", and the outsourcing of skilled technical and knowledge based labor to emerging economies with high levels of technical skills and education is accelerating. individual tax returns. Even R once thought to be "safe" as a corporate "core competency" that must be held "in house" is now commonly outsourced. multinationals such as MicroSoft, Intel, Motorola, General Motors, IBM, Cisco Systems, Accenture, GlaxoSmithKline,discount baseball jerseys sale online and Astrazeneca all have major R centers located in India and China. Bottom line, if your job can be done with a phone and computer sitting at home or in a cubicle it can also be done by someone in India or China at a fraction of the cost. In essence, in a digital global economy the best interests of the corporation are no longer in sync with the best interests of its "country of origin" workforce. This trend and the displacement and stress it will cause will only increase until some kind of global equilibrium and parity of labor costs and capital is attained. Is this inherently bad? No, in the long run this will make for a healthier more abundant world for everyone. However in the meantime, expect a prolonged period of painful transition.

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So where are we today? What is the state of the dream, the operating "myth"? Why are over 50% of american workers dissatisfied with their jobs? Why do 25% of employees report that they are just "showing up to collect a paycheck". At some level employees sense that they are just pawns in a much larger game. However, camo baseball jerseys they don't really understand the dynamics behind the layoffs, outsourcings, mergers, acquisitions, and rapid globalization that together make for significant job churn, stress, and suffering in the workforce. What this looks like for the "dream" today, are two income households without any real job security, high stress lifestyles with no time for family or personal growth, heavy household debt loads, and a general grind of just getting by from paycheck to paycheck.

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One with a basis in the reality of today's world not our fathers and grandfathers world. economic, personalized baseball jerseys geopolitical, and social reality has shifted over the last several decades, but "conventional wisdom" about what constitutes a successful life path and career has not kept pace. Opportunity always abounds and the emergence of this new global environment is no exception, but not if you are still wedded to the "myth" of the post war American Dream and remain dependent on and at the mercy of a corporation whose decisions and strategies for survival may leave you with the short straw tomorrow. Sure,plain baseball jerseys you can find another job with another corporation but nothing really changes. You are in the same global environment and just as vulnerable as before.